December, 2012

Unfinished song demo for Cautiva uploaded and more






Not much movement over here, is it?

Since my decision in August of leaving the musical creation at least for a long time, and as it's a natural thing, I've been rather distant of all the stuff concerning my own music and so on. I'm been in some very concrete moments working in mix, playing guitar or testing some software, but nothing really interesting. During all this time I've had much time to think about my decision and I belive I did the correct thing. Sometimes I miss a lot to begin to create music and to continue developing my skills and musical projects, but I don't forget the sacrifice that I have to do in my life if I want to do music in the way I need or I know, and then I remember the reasons of my decision and I stop to think about it. Now that I can watch my past relation with the music from a more distant perspective, I understand that for me to create music is like drugs or something similiar, as much as I give too many priorities, I consume my health (stress) trying to contend with family, job, music and other obligations or hobbies and I go in a spiral where I want more and more and more... I've understood that my creative relation with the music is self-destructive and I must learn to control this relationship. Maybe this spiral of self-destruction has made that I made music during the last year more for my ambitions and objectives than for enjoying really the process. Actually I spend my free time in other kind of things, as simple as playing computer, making reforms at home or watching movies, and I feel I have more free time, I don't feel so much pressure and I believe I'm better, happier I mean...

In Christmas I'll be on vacations and I believe it would be a nice time to try to think about music from a more active perspective. Maybe I record some Erik Satie piece by piano or some classical music stuff, I don't think about more. Actually this is the best compromise that I want to give to my music! Hahaha!

Before to finish and how it's written in the title, I've uploaded recently to this website the excerpt of the demo song that I was making in August, just in the days I took my decision of stopping. This fragment is less than a minute and the sound is not pulished, but at least you'll be able to know what I was creating then and what path Cautiva was going to take... This unfinished piece possibly was going to be called «OBEY!!».

Finally and concerning this website, I've corrected the external links of download for all the albums, especially in the case of «A Retrospective...». All the links to Megaupload were broken since a long time ago and there was an obligation to correct all that.

Best wishes and thanks for reading and listening me,

José Travieso        



August, 2012

José Travieso leaves the music






A very important announcement for this website:


After a long and problematic process of pre-production during the last two or three months for the new recordings of Cautiva that I expected to do along the rest of the year, I've recently decided to leave my role in the music as composer and creator, at least for a very long time (and, maybe, for all the life). It's hard for me to accept this after so much work, not only facing the new songs I was thinking to make for Cautiva and all the previous hard work that I've made with it, but also the experience of the last years composing and recording so many different music styles and projects... I've spent so much time with it that I feels that taking the decision of leave the music is like to jump to a dark abysm where you don't know what's going to find. It's hard for me to think about a new life without a so active role in the music -even I actually feels that I've forgotten how is it-, but I've taken this important decision and I believe it's the best option.

Leaving the music isn't something I had thought for first time a few days ago. I've been feeling this for a long time, I think that, from time to time, during the last year and a half. If you have been visiting this website during that period, maybe you had read some idea about it or something alike. So, though I can say that such decision is new, the feeling isn't it... Not at all!

«O.k. This guy has left the music, but... wHY?!». Among a few of reasons, the most important is this: I've understood that I don't feel the "magic", the "passion"... just I've been spending the last year and half involved with my music more for routine than for pleasure. Of course I've enjoyed with it and I've had a few of very good moments, but it hasn't been different of any other activity, like watching a movie or driving a car. Nothing special.

When I decided to record something more for Cautiva a few months ago, I wanted to take care a lot of the sound (an aspect where Cautiva didn't have the best). So that I worked hard with it (the moment of "pre-production"). I made a new set up for my guitar, I changed part of the recording and sound equip, new computer, new acoustic treatments in the room, new software... and tons of hours working in the sound of guitars, bass, drums, mix and mastering. This process has been very tedious and hard. Looking for the "perfect professional sound" working in the box has been terrible and I was near to throw in the towel one or two times, but I got it! So, a few days ago, after so much work, with a few of ideas in my head, I began exciteed to record a new song for Cautiva. Everything sounded really great and clean, I had some good riffs and ideas, the intro was resulting fabulous... but something wasn't working properly! After a few of days recording I've understood that the problem is... me. I wasn't feeling the magic, the energy, the motivation... When I was working in 2008/09 in Cautiva's album «Human», I was excited with it during months, with a strong passion and motivation, everyday! But all this has disappeared. I feel... nothing! The "beast" is dead and I think I've killed it. When I began again with the music a few years ago, I had many things to tell and learn and all was great. It was the period of «Human». Since then, I've recorded 3 or 4 albums and other projects, I tried my best with it everyday, but people change and I feel actually that I don't enjoy with the process as much as in the past. This sensation has been even worse during this week, watching the I'm recording new music for Cautiva but without emotions, just with coldness, acting like a job, feeling that I make this because my involvement with my own music and all the hard work previously made, but not because I feel it or I enjoy it. Maybe I killed the beast because all this strong dedication and discipline during the last years have made that I feel more and more tired and dispassionate... I don't know, but the important thing is that such feeling is real and I can't ignore it more.

During the last years I've been very demanding with my music. This means to work everyday in it, and here the main reason to leave the music is: I don't want to spend everyday an important part of my free time in an activity (making music) which it needs the best of me but it doesn't fill me. This is a stupid sacrifice. With Cautiva, today, I've understood that making this is loosing the time. I can continue making music, one album, two albums, three, but... if this is like a job, if I don't enjoy really with it and there is no spontaneity or really free time... why do I continue making music??? So important is this to make a sacrifice with my time and life??? Completely not!

So, today, 9th of August of 2012, I can say that José Travieso leaves the music. Maybe this decision is not for a long time, maybe after a year I feel the strong need of making music (like before) and I return, or maybe I don't write a new piece in the rest of my life... Frankly speaking, I don't know what will happen with the future. The only things I can say now is that I leave it, that I feel that the Cautiva project is over and that I'm going to take an important break-up with all my music.

What am I going to do now??? Just to spend more time with my family, enjoy of the little things of the day by day and be able to dedicate time to other aspects of my life which I have had forgotten during the last years because the music. What about this, the music, I'll continue keeping this website as legacy of my work, and I'll continue mixing and mastering to friends and professionally, but no more, just I'll enjoy as listener :-)

I'm sorry if I created some expectations about a new stuff for Cautiva. I hope you understand my posture.

Best wishes for all of you,

José Travieso        



May, 2012

New mastering made for the «Into The Pit» cover






No time for new music. Facing the possible new Cautiva stuff, I'm actually working with acoustics and experimenting with "ad-hoc" software technics of treatment of the sound and during the last two weeks I've had little time to think about playing guitar or writing new music.

This "pre-production moment" is a necessary step which I hope to finish... someday! :-P. Just the idea is to do everything I could reach a professional sound for Cautiva. I think that it'll have me busy for a few of weeks, but if I'm going to make new music for Cautiva, I want the best sound I could. What I'm worry is that I'm going to need too many effects and plugins working and I'll have to divide the project of recording of a piece in a few of individual projects (recording, rendering, mixes, etc.) and I believe actually that this way isn't fluent and I don't know if it'll be practical to record... I hope to find other way. Maybe working with a new computer everything works properly... I don´t know. I must just continue!

Meanwhile, I share a remaster that today I've made on my Testament cover released originally in the «Human» album. It's a test of some of my new "ad-hoc technics in process" and I hope you like the track. The innovation here is that I'm using a mastering EQ based on convolution in the way of catching previously the "sound" of a previous track working as model. After three days experimenting with this idea based on guitars, drums and whole tracks, I'm really surprised with the results. Maybe I make a mistake, but I'm sure 100% that the EQ based on convolution and models is the future for a lot of things in music production, not only reverb (it was the beginning of all this), but EQ, simulation of analogic equips and so on... This and volterra kernels in Nebula, especially in a limit context as home studios like mine.

The new remaster of my «Into The Pit» cover isn't a pulish work, just it was a test and it could be better in a few of ways, but I liked the result and I want to share it with you. You can listen it in the "independent tracks" section.

Have a good day,

José Travieso        



March, 2012

«Fusing Into Black», a new track uploaded,

and Cautiva and the future






First part, «Fusing Into Black»:

Recently I've uploaded to this website a new recording, which I uploaded to Facebook two or three weeks ago. If you want to know the most fast as possible my news, I recommend you to suscribe to the Facebook websites (JT and Cautiva), as much as frequently I'll write there before than here, especially because it's more informal and fast. If you want to know more about how to connect with my Facebook website, please read the news on "January, 2012".

What about the new track? Well, «Fusing Into Black» has been a new step in my musical ambitions, in this case experimeting with the fusion of styles (progressive rock, jazz, electronic, hiphop methods of compositions...) and the synthesizers and electronic ways. If I had to connect this new piece with some of my other recordings, it would be the «Don't Kill the Vynil» stuff of the last year, because the union of electronic, experimentation and fusion. Anyway, the result is very different and I never made any music like this. It has been hard to work in this case, so that I hope you like :-P

«Fusing Into Black» began as a work of mix and restauration for a previous piece for two doubled pianos (or something like this) of my good friend Juncorquestra. I decided to make a new piece inspired by the very beginning of the track. The original idea was to make some modifications, but preserving the original air of the composition. The project changed radically in the next days and the final result is a piece completely different. I invite you to compare «Fusing Into Black» with the original Juncorquestra's «Oh Vaya» and watch by yourself. Don't lose this opportunity, as much as the original «Oh Vaya» is a really beautiful and fantastic piece :-)

«Fusing Into Black» tries to describe too the meaning of the back color for me in the music.


...And second part, Cautiva and the future:

Recently some fans have write me to ask for the new CAUTIVA album that supposely I'm recording, and I would like to say that Cautiva is not going actually to release any new album. I want to write this here because I've found in some forums that I'm going to make a new album, information based on my last post of "January, 2012", and this isn't exactly true. I would like to make a new album and to destroy a few of "hi-fi"s in your bedrooms :-), but this is too ambitious for me in the actuallity. I need more time than I actually have or will have, so that simply I can't take a decision like this. Maybe I didn't explain properly the last time and I created false expectations, so that I repeat what I said two months ago or I know know: I've begun to think again about Cautiva; I would like to make at least one or two new compositions; I'm playing again the guitar (but actually not composing); and the perfect thing, for me, would be to complete a new EP before the end of 2012. I can't see more than this :-)

After «Fusing Into Black» my effort goes to Cautiva, but unfortunately I'm, at the moment, very busy with other things (musical and not musicals) and I'll have little time to dedicate to my own music. I'll try, little by little, to make true my new intentions with Cautiva, but it'll be in summer when I find an important space of time to work. Meanwhile, let's begin to walk...


José Travieso        


Now playing - silence, so nice sometimes...


January, 2012

And... What's about the future???






...And what's a good question!

If you visit frequently this page, you'll have noticed that after the release of «The Illusionist» in September I don't speak anything about my music, future projects and so on. Except for the brief review about Mr Dogbelle's videos, I've not written anything during the last months! The reason is easy: I don't write because I'm not doing anything really interesting concerning my music.

This is strange for a guy who has had the head full of so different projects and musical ideas along the last years, but there is too a simple explanation: I have wanted to stop with the rhythm of creation of the last times.

A bit of history:

When I moved to Granada in summer of 2007, I had ahead a very nice free time to spend, and I decided then to make a bit of music, to take more seriously that project of thrash metal called Cautiva :-). Then the experience was really great and I was captivated :-) more and more. The process of recording of the album «Human» (June, 2009) was very hard, during months, but fascinating. When I finished, I was motivated to connect again with my old music and I made a strong effort programming the EP «Tunguska» (2009) and later the album «No More Faith» (2010). After «Human», when I decided to stop with Cautiva and explore the neo-classicism through the computer, this was because the Cautiva project was very demanding and -I thought- changing to the other style, my old ideas and stuff, everything would be easier... But I was very wrong. I never thought that working through VST programming was so hard, tedious and difficult to have good (realistic) results. The music of «Tunguska»/«No More Faith» was beautiful, but I had a personal result: tiredness.

I had a rest for two months, but I didn't disconnect really of the music and, when I began again to record (end of summer of 2010), I was feeling more and more all this was like a job (not only making music, but making this website too, learning about computer music production, etc.), a strange obligation with myself, when making music for me isn't my real job (I'm teacher and actually directive in a school), just a hobby... In autumn of 2010 had the "great" idea of making music around different projects and music styles. I thought: "I'll make all kind of pieces and styles I want, but not with the idea of finishing an album or EP; when I have a good collection of tracks of the same style, then I'll do the release as collection, calmly, just for pleasure...". This idea was looking for more freedom and not spending so much time and concentation with this hobby, but it was a failure, because the only thing I got was working hard in all the music I could for finishing all the projects and so on. There were four different projects: the «La Boîte» soundtrack, the EP «Don't Kill the Vinyl», the secret project "«Improvisation For...» series" and, the main stuff, «The Illusionist» concert for solo piano... Too much, especially valuing I have my own job and a family to take care.

O.k., four projects... So, during the last year, I was more and more centred in my music, but not feeling the pleasure of the CAUTIVA years. My perfectionism and hard working with the music carried me to this situation and I felt more and more I had to stop all that mentality and self-pressure. I decided to stop when «The Illusionist» was released, September of this year (well, 2011). I decided to stop, not to spend a minute in music for a few of weeks (I did it) and then just to play and make music for pleasure.

Does it mean that I'm not going to release any music more??? Not at all! Frankly speaking, I thought about it, but I love anyway making music and it was obvious the problem was the strong rhythm of creation, not making music itself. Just I must dose it! :-)

So, what have changed? Essentially, the time I dedicate to the music. The last year was all the time I could; actually, not every day, no more of 1 or 2 hours per day. I want to have more time for my family, friends, for reading, playing videogames :-) and everything I wish. As result, I'm not going to make as much as before, and I want to concentrate in the pleasure of the activity, not in the results. So, I'll not compose and record so much music, but I would like to be playing my piano or guitar just for pleasure, to mix music of some friends, maybe to make some collaboration, to experimentate with new programs, to make some changes in this website... Of course I would like to record more music, but actually it's not the "leitmotiv". If I record something, it will be independent pieces or thinking about an EP. I discard releasing an whole LP. This is what actually I think.

My strongest ambition now? Cautiva :-) Yes, I would like to record new music for the project and to release it in 2012, but there is actually a long previous way. First of all, I'm practicing again with the guitar and developing my habbilities and so on. And during the next one or two months I want to work again in the production of all the instruments and mix, from zero. If everything is going well, I'll be writing some new song for March...

This is everything for now.

By the way, recently I made a facebook page for José Travieso music and other facebook page for the Cautiva project. You can visit them clicking here:

-José Travieso music's facebook page.

-Cautiva's facebook page.

I wish you a happy 2012. Let's hope the Mayas don't have the reason...

José Travieso        


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November, 2011

Mr. Dogbelle's style






Anthony De Marco from New York, a.k.a. Mr Dogbelle, has an interesting hobby: to create abstract computer videos to accompany different pieces of music. His style is simple but extraordinary, always disconcerting. Along the last year has been working on some of my "neo-classical" recordings, as some of the «Tunguska» movements or the cycle «The Seven Shinigami's Dreams». His last creation on my music has been made taking the piece «The Illusionist». I would like to share it with you:



Thanks for the good reception of the new album!,

José Travieso        


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September, 2011

The album «The Illusionist» is here!






Yesterday, 29th of September of 2011, I uploaded the new album :-)))

You can read about it, listen or download it clicking on the front cover:


The Illusionist - front cover


«The Illusionist» records my special concert given on the last month in the awesome Red Room Auditorium of New York, invited to participate in the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists of the city. This recording offers the most of my work for piano made during the last year and closes a cycle in my career (I'm going to rest for a long time of the music and I don't know what will happen with José Travieso in the future :-().

From here I would like to thank publicly to Alice Morgan, Robert Coen, the NYCC and the rest of members of the organization the opportunity they have given me to participate and for their friendship. I keep them strongly in my heart!

I hope you enjoy the new recording,

José Travieso        


Now playing - Tangerine Dream: Stratosfear


September, 2011

José Travieso selected again

in «Free! Music! Contest»!






Last summer Cautiva's «Human» song was selected in the «Free! Music! Contest» for the annual sampler, a CD (double CD in that occasion) keeping the best music found along the competition. In this year I took part with «Zombie Nation» (from the EP «Don't Kill The Vinyl», 2011) and two weeks ago I knew this track was selected :-)


Free! Music! Contest winner


Yes, I am one of them! ;-)

«Free! Music! Contest» is an project that the german collective MusikPiraten e.V. launchs every year compiling the best free and independent (and Creative Commons licensed) music around the planet. You can listen the «Free! Music! 2011 Sampler» or know more about this initiative clicking here. It's possible too to buy original copies in CD (very cheap price by the way).

...And you'll say "okey, very well, but... where's the new album???". The new album is just around! :-)))

Wait for three or four days!,

José Travieso        


Now playing - Megadeth: Peace Sells... :-)


September, 2011

The past concert in New York, a success!






Just a brief note:

I returned from New York a few hours ago and everything was great. I'm excited still :-P

Not everything in my interpretation was perfect and I must do some editions for my upcoming album with the concert, but I'm very very glad with the result.

Thank you very much for your support and to the organization there,

José Travieso        


August, 2011

New album to be released in

September and concert in New York






In other order of things, I would just like to confirm that my next album for solo piano, «The Illusionist», is going to be released at the end of the next month, September. I have actually a good rhythm of work and I hope to finish with everything in 3 or 4 weeks. As I wrote here a few of weeks ago, this album is going to broadcast my upcoming concert in New York the next 28th of August. Let's hope everything goes properly...

By the way, it'll be my last album at least for a long time, maybe a few of years, maybe the final last one in the worst of the cases. I would like to compose a bit more music in the future, but I don't see actually any intention of releasing more albums from my side. The last months have been very hard recording my last releases and preparing the live stuff I'm going to offer in New York (this year is being crazy for my music). I need to break off for a time, to do new things and then we'll see...

The artwork is partially finished. I hope you like the front cover:


The Illusionist - front cover


Remember: in 15 days I'm playing a special concert for solo piano in the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists in New York City. The place will be the Red Room Auditorium (I made a instrumental piece released in my previous album dedicates to this place). I repeat the date: 28th of August of 2011. More info here.

Thanks one more time for your support...

José Travieso        


August, 2011

The secret project «Improvisation for...» finished!






The secret project «Improvisation for...» has finished.

When I decided the last year to add a link for receiving money donations in this website and jamendo, I decided too to make a "secret" project with it, for an undefined time. The idea was that when somebody made a donation, I recorded -as gratitude- an improvisation for this person -playing piano, electric piano, organ or some keyboard instrument- and sent by e-mail. So, since June of 2010, when I received the first donation, I have been from time to time recording these special secret pieces. Recorded, mixed and mastered, I've tried to send in mp3 format everyone of tese tracks to the corresponding donors (unfortunately I haven't been able to contact with all of them). After 13 improvisations, this month, August of 2011, I've decided to finish with the project. Since today receiving a money donation won't be possible in this website or jamendo :-) The chance is finished! :-)

Is going to be this music (or part of it) released in this website, some future album, compilation or something else??? Not by my side. Everyone of these recordings has been made for a particular person, as a gift, and from the beginning I had added the important rule of "not to be officially released", I mean, not from my side. 13 improvisations, 13 owners. Everyone of them is free to decide what to do. They can share of course by Internet using eMule or soulseek, if they want for example, or just to keep the track at home, or even deleting it. Everything is possible!

I've decided too other thing: there are actually three improvisations which I haven't able to hand over; I'm going to wait for a time, but if the authentical donators don't contact to take them, I'll finally share them here, but just for a little time, just for a few of weeks, no more. Later they will be deleted on the website. I'll wait a few of months more...

As curiosity, the piece «About Memories and Deceptions» was composed and recorded from the previous (from this series) «Improvisation for Thorsten Bothe», one of my favourites.

You have more additional information about this project in my «Works» files.

I see you in NY :-(),

José Travieso        


Now playing - Milenio3 :-)


July, 2011

Two new independent tracks released






Hello there!

Today I've added two new independent tracks which you can listen and download from the 'music' section page. The first one is «Shinigami's Dream, No. 7 (Born To Die Mix)», a remix on the original track made in April for a Brenda Clews' videopoem. This remix is very different to the original recording, and I think it's my favorite of all the "shinigamians" compositions. Long, dense, dark, oppressive... The second uploaded piece is called «Ramifications Dans L'Escalier Du Diable», being a sporadic version on György Ligeti's étude for piano «L'Escalier Du Diable». This piece will be released on the next album.

I hope you like the new tracks!

José Travieso        


May, 2011

«Don't Kill The Vinyl» released!






A few days ago it was released the new EP, with the final title of «Don't Kill The Vinyl». You can visit it clicking on the image:


Dont Kill the Vinyl


This little album is very different to everyhing I had made previously and maybe it's not understood properly, but anyway I'm happy with it. I like its variety and how is connected everything. Making this has meant to work from different and unusual (for me) points of view. I've enjoyed a lot with it and never I knew what exactly I was going to finish. Now it's finished, and I think that -inside its variety- is a solid recording and a nice listening... At least for me! :-)

2/3 made. Next step: finishing my album for solo piano.

I hope you like my new monster,

José Travieso        


Now playing - Megadeth: Killing is my Business... (yessssss :-)


April, 2011

Changes in the website:

listen or download directly any track!






Finally the "soundcloud" integration is being real in this website. I've finished this morning with all the changes in the releases and you can listen or download actually any track of any album, EP or single just clicking on the track name (before the only option was to download the complete release), on the "Radio" space. The only change to finish with this integration is doing the same with the «independent track» section, but I'll launch this with the release of the new EP, not before.

What about this new release, everything is finished, so that maybe I decide to put it here before than May, I'll see... :-) By the way, the title has changed from «Sampling From A Different Point Of View» to «Don't Kill The Vinyl», as much as I make a little tribute to the vinyl recordings along all the tracks. Seven tracks, including two bonus tracks (different mixes of previous tracks, nothing special).

Returning to the "soundcloud" integration, you can't only download or listen directly any track, but you can now add commentaries, to share or integrate via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter... I think it's a nice improvement :-)

In a few of days: «Don't Kill The Vinyl».

José Travieso        


NP - Morbid Angel: God Of Emptiness


April, 2011

New EP in May and soundcloud integration






New EP in May.

Actually I'm finishing my second project for 2011 (the first one was the soundtrack for «La Boîte», and the third and last one will be an album for solo piano), which I think will be released on the first week of May. This project will be an EP of five pieces called «Sampling from a Different Point of View» and it will collect music recorded using mainly synthesizers and sample procedures. Initially I wanted to dedicate this project to make hip-hop music, but finally the result has been partially different. We can say that this album is a mix of hip-hop, electronic music and avant-garde.

Some of the compositions have been already released here as "independent tracks". This is the provisional tracklist and order:

1. Zombie Nation

2. (actually without title, short and intimate piece for keyboard)

3. Mein Kampf (Twilight of the Idols)

4. Rottweiler (feat. Grossomodo and El Aitor)

5. The Red Room


Soundcloud integration.

In other order of things, I'll try to do a integration in this website. The idea is that you can listen and download directly any track clicking in it. I'll study it during this month and if everything goes like I would like, then I think we'll have the complete integration for May too.

A good album to listen: «Winter Blaze», by Cyborgdrive.

Best wishes to Japan,

José Travieso        


March, 2011

Concert in New York at the end of August






I have important news:

The last week I was contacted to make a special concert for piano in New York, possibly at the end of August. I would act in the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists, an important musical event celebrates in New York. A few of artists would play there during the days the event is celebrating, and I'll be one of them. I accepted.

So, I have now really a lot of work to do, but it'll be a perfect occasion to present the album for piano in which I'm working now...

I'll inform more about this soon,

José Travieso        


NP - Nile: Those Whom The Gods Detest


March, 2011

More new music from and for «The Illusionist»






Dear friends,

irst of all, I would like to thank your interest in the last CD-S released («La Boîte», ost). I never expected such good reception! I appreciate very much all your comments and reviews on different places... :-)

Concerning the news, actually I'm uploading three new tracks on my «independent tracks» music section. All them are written for solo piano and will be released on my upcoming album for piano:

1. «La Boîte Secrète». A new version of «La Boîte» (the piece), but longer and

written for solo piano concerto.

2. «The Monster Still Lives...». Piano dramatic variation from «The Monster»

(released originally on «No More Faith», 2010). Short piece.

3. «The Illusionist». Actually I'm working in this piece and it will be the last one

uploaded here. Very different to the other ones: more than 10 minutes and

very minimalist. It has been written from an improvisation recorded the last

year, during the composition and recordings sessions for «No More Faith».

This album will be definitely called like this last track, «The Illusionist», name which I've been thinking about during the last months. It fits very properly with this project... By the way, I suppose this album will be released on July or August, but I want to do some things before and maybe we have to wait a bit more to have the final releasing.

By the way, actually this website has a high demand downloading stuff and during February I've had some minor problems of hosting. If you find some problems downloading, please be patience and try it again two or three days later. You can too find my music on


José Travieso        


February, 2011

New CD-S released: «La Boîte»






Well, two months ago I didn't expect this at all, but here is: «La Boîte», a new CD-S, has been released!

During the last weeks I've been collaborating with Marie Bouchet in the way of composing the music for an animated short film which she's actually finishing, and finally I've decided to release a very short "album" with the most relevant music I've recorded concerning this project. The result is «La Boîte» (The Box), that with the same name of the film, collects five short pieces in no more than seven minutes.


La Boîte - cover


Intimate and descriptive music exploring the melancholy, the mystery and the fears of Louise, a young girl who meets to a strange dark creature. Mainly recorded for piano and musical box and working on the same melodies and musical motives, this recording too explores more difficult ways... The third piece, «Louise Rencontre Le Shinigami» continues the path opened by the «Shinigami's Dreams» cycle, but from a more complex perspective.

With a cover art painted by Marie Bouchet herself, it's possible to download this new release directly from here:

La Boîte - download it!



More information in the «Works» files.

The music will be slightly different in the short film version. I hope you enjoy this brief proyect!

On the other hand, the artist Brenda Clews recently has finished other of her fantastic videopoems, «Burning Brightly in the Night», which includes one of my oldest pieces: «El Juego de las Atracciones» («Lluvia de Mayo» CD-S, 2000). You can watch it here:




See you later!

José Travieso        


NP - Brian Eno: Music for Airports



January, 2011

New section and music / P. García Gastar & S. Durant






Hello there!

I've added a new music section which will allow me to have more versatility in the different projects and styles of music I would like to work with, and which will allow you to know, from time to time, what I've been recording lately. This section is called «Independent Tracks» and works like this:

1. When I finish a new track, normally I'll put it in this section.

2. You'll be able to download it and, from time to time, new tracks will be


3. When I can combine a few of these tracks to create an album, EP or single

(it'll depend of how these tracks fit with each other and what I would like to

get), I'll do such "ordinary release" and I'll delete the used tracks of the list of

"independent tracks".

4. And so on.

I want with it not to concentrate so much in major projects like releasing a new Cautiva album or piano album and so I can think about little things like experimental tracks, new styles, sporadic collaborations, etc... More freedom, more versatility, just trying to create music for pleasure!

Anyway, I continue working in my actually two alternative projects: piano stuff (album) vs. "hip-hop" style (EP, maybe four songs). These "ordinary" recordings will be released in some moment during this new 2011.

You can visit this new section clicking here. I've added two additional new tracks: «Variations On A Blue Waltz» (waltz for piano based on a Bo Moonlight's piece which I finished yesterday of recording) and «The Red Room» (experimental, acoustic and electronic, hipnotic). I hope you like them!

On the other hand, I've added some new download links in some albums and, in the gallery section, an alternative cover (picture #85) which Fernando Medina made for Cautiva's album «Human» but it wasn't used.

Are you P. García Gastar or S. Durant??? Then, contact with me, please. :-)

Happy 2011 for all of you,

José Travieso        


NP - Juncorquestra: Dos Días de Noviembre



December, 2010

Other two new tracks:

«Longing...» and «Zombie Nation»






Second part of two!

As Christmas gift, today I share with you other two new tracks:




IThe first piece, «Longing...», was recorded for the upcoming solo piano album in November. Slow, with different passages, in the line of «De Luces y de Sombras» album... I tried to describe the nostalgy with this track... By the way, the master of the recording isn't the final one.

The second piece, «Zombie Nation», is completely different to the first one. It was recorded in September facing my actual alternative project of hip-hop. I never did something like this, but I liked the process of composition and result. It was created on a lento of Corelli and mastered by Nick Litwin from Mastering Mansion studios. The piece was made to be raping on it, but I won't be!

By the way, I finished my last composition a few days ago. It had to be my second track for the hip-hop project, but after two weeks of hard work I've made something very strange and it's not hip-hop at all! Ten minutes between ambient and minimalism I guess... So, I don't know how will finish this alternative project! More info about this strange piece in my «Works» files, in this section.

I hope you like the new stuff!

Best wishes for 2011!

José Travieso        


NP - Bosques de mi Mente: Otoño



November, 2010

New track: «Raymond Blue 2010»






First part of two!

Here you can download one of the last recordings that I have made recently:




It was recorded in September and it's a new version of the track «Raymond Blue», originally released on the EP «Tres Piezas para Oídos Distintos» (2002). This track gives an idea what sound and style I'm going to do with the new piano album for 2011. The most of the pieces will be calm and nostalgic...

I hope you like.

The next month, more!

José Travieso        


NP - Toteking: Ya lo Creo




October, 2010

Working on two projects






Finally I have decided to center my effort during the next year in two projects. First of all and mainly, I'm working on the "piano album", in the line I wrote in a previous post (new compositions, revisions on old pieces and covers). I have finished two recordings and I would like to have finished the album for May or June of the next year. More or less I have in mind the concept and basic content of the album. If everything goes properly, it'll have 11-12 tracks.

The second project is something completely new for me: I'm going to record some hip-hop instrumentals :-). YES! Since 2005 I've been thinking about it and now it's going to be a reality. The good thing is that I've decided I'm not going to rap (hahaha! well, maybe I try something, but not more than ONE TRACK). In September I made my first hip-hop instrumental (sampling to Corelli) and I liked the result, so I'm going to do more recordings. It'll be my alternative project vs. the "piano album" and I don't know actually what it's going to happen with these future hip-hop instrumentals. My idea is to do 3 or 4 pieces. Maybe I release an EP with them, maybe a CD-S, maybe some collaboration... As always, time will pronounce.

Unfortunately, I don't have time or energy for more, so that CAUTIVA will have to wait. I would like to record more stuff for this project, but I want to finish previously with these other two ideas. When I finish with them, maybe I work again with CAUTIVA. May be, but now this is not relevant :-P

In the next post I'll upload some composition from the upcoming piano album...


José Travieso        


NP - Mayhem: Grand Declaration of War




September, 2010

Cautiva selected in «Free! Music! 2010 Sampler!»






«Free! Music! Contest» is an initiative that the german collective MusikPiraten e.V. launchs every year compiling the best free (and Creative Commons licensed) music around the planet. This year the competition has been bigger than in previous years, but Cautiva has been lucky and the song «Human» has been selected for the sampler of this year, sharing this various artists double album with great musicians like I Am Not Lefthanded, Fuzzy Tunes, One Dice or the.princess.and.the.pearl... Cautiva is maybe a bit intruder in this sampler, as much as «Human» is the only metal track along all the compilation, but of course I'm glad this project has its place in this initiative! :-)



You can know more about this sampler going here. If you want to download it, try this address. I recommend you to listen it, because you'll find some really fantastic music! For sure!

It's possible to buy original copies in CD or purchase additional promo stuff, from the main webpage.

Actually revising and re-recording my old «Raymond Blue»,

José Travieso        


NP - One Dice: Wake Up Sleeper



August, 2010

Very special offer: «Human» in CD for only $9.50!






And free of shipping charges!!!

Later than I expected, but here it's: the CD version of Cautiva's album «Human», released for first time in June of the last year and released now in CD in a very limited edition of 50 copies. I've made this just because request of some fans and I'm not going to take a penny for it. Just $9.5, including shipping charges; just costs of creation and distribution. Now it's possible to take your CD version of «Human» if you want!

This special version includes: original CD with full color inserts and printed CD, autograph and some additional bonus tracks (instrumental recordings). Look at the picture:



Made professionally. If you are interested in knowing more details about this special offer or you want to take it, please come here.

Remember: limited to 50 copies. As soon as it's finished, the offer will be over.

By the way, I've begun to think and work in my new album: solo piano. I actually think this will be recorded in three parts: revision of old pieces, new compositions and, finally, some covers. I think it'll be an interesting staff. While I'm working in this, maybe I do two or three sporadic tracks in other styles (Cautiva? experimental? electronic?... Well, I don't know yet!).

Thanks for your support and listening my music!,

José Travieso        


NP - Violadores del Verso (Rebel): Resistencia Arrogante



August, 2010

Pictures of the home studio (recently improved)






Hello there!

I've left in the Gallery section a few of pictures of my actual home studio. As always it's a humble studio recording based mainly in my computer, keyboard and a lot of patience sometimes! (especially in production and mixing procedures), but after the improvements I've done during the last two months I hope to have a bit more comfortable experience working in my recordings (sometimes it has been really hard to work properly).



I have removed: the XT-PRO LIVE guitar console (I've been using it just as a soundcard during the last two years, not more uses) and my killer LG monitor of 15" (yes, only 15" and awful sometimes to work with music, but an excellent machine which has been with me for 7-8 years).

What have I added? First of all, two Samsung SyncMaster monitors of 27" each one (you can see them on the wall). I have added too: an Edirol UA-101 soundcard (very nice), platforms for each monitor (speaker) in order to have better sound perspective and more space in my table; a BCF-2000 controller (little, but useful and enough for a typical home studio); and, finally, an additional two terabytes external hard disk drive. Oh! I must not forget this comfortable office chair!

Except maybe buying a new electric guitar, I don't expect more expenses or changes during at least a year. I hope to find here everything I need to feel comfortable and do good music (if I can :-P ).

Well, if you want to see more pictures, please go to Gallery section.

Thanks for reading and bye for now,

José Travieso        


NP - Klaus Schulze: Contemporary Works



August, 2010







Summer has usually been a time in which I have worked more in my music (for example, the last summer I recorded the «Tunguska» EP), but in this occassion I have broken my own rules and since the release of «No More Faith» in April I haven't written or recorded anything yet (except some private improvisations). These last months I've spent my time in other matter of things. What about music, just testing new computer programs and improving my home studio (maybe I upload some pictures), but not much more.

In this occassion summertime is summertime, and I don't have many own news to share with you in this moment! The most interesting is that, during this time, some video-artists -as Brenda Clews or Eugenio Fructuoso-, have made some videos in which my music plays a relevant role. I share with you Eugenio's piece for example, where you can listen part of the song «Fire, Walk With Me!» (Cautiva's «Fire, Walk With Me!» EP, 2008) along all the video. Watch!:



Other artists have contacted with me to use my music in other videos (mainly shorts) and it's possible I record some specific stuff for some of them, but time will pronounce... Thank you very much to all them!

By the other hand, the last days I have made some minor corrections, modifications and upgrades in this web. By the way, if you are interested in knowing more about my music, don't forget to download «Works», a PDF document with a lot of informations about my compositions and recordings (including anecdotes, connections between pieces, unreleased pieces, etc.). You can find this document in the Music section.

I suppose this month I'll begin to work in some music, but I have a problem: I have a lot of ideas of projects that I would like to try (from dark ambient music to rap music), but I don't have brain or time to cover all it! :-P Maybe I record some short releases or single tracks experimenting with some music style I never worked, I must really think about all this... Anyway, I have in mind two things, more or less, for sure: first, I would like to record new music for the CAUTIVA project (not an album, just a few of new songs or even a new cover song); second, I'm thinking seriously about to record a new album for solo piano... You can see! A lot of things in my head! :-)

If you want to know more, just visit this web often! :-)

Let's see... Let's see...,

José Travieso        



April, 2010

«No More Faith» released!






My new album, «No More Faith», has been definitely released! You can know more about these recordings here. If you want to download this album with artwork and extra files, just click in this link:




«No More Faith» collects almost all the pieces that I have been writing and recording since July, 2009 until March, 2010. Some music hasn't been released, but at least 75% is in this album. A variety of Neo-Classicism, Post-Minimalism and Avant-Garde through 11 tracks, 46 minutes exactly... Nothing to do with «Human», my previous work, but it's again the same musician, just with other ideas...

In «No More Faith» I've faced, again, all the instruments, but in this occasion I've worked with VST (Virtual Studio Technology) instruments: flute, violins, cellos, harp, cembalo, vibraphones... 50% real, 50% false, 100% virtual I suppose... It has been a really hard work in the most of the times (as it was «Human» or even harder!) and I think I'm not going to do other album as this in the future, but anyway I'm happy with the result and realism of the instruments.

Although it's possible to download the complete album from this website or other places around Internet, you can buy it (veeeryyy cheeeaappp) in digital form in sites like CDBaby (for example, $2.99), Amazon or iTunes. It's a good way to support this music if you want! So that you know... Anyway, if you want to support, I think that the best thing is to share the album with friends, forums and so on.

Next objective: to work again in the mixes and sound of Cautiva's «Human» and to do a physical release of this album of June, 2009.

Please, tell me what you think about «No More Faith». I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes to everybody and best regards to friends!

José Travieso        


NP - Annihilator: The Trend :-)



March, 2010

New album to download on Jamendo or Last-FM






Recently I have finished all the recordings and mixes for the new album. I expected to write a final additional track, but the last week I decided that it would not be necessary and that it's enough for this time. «No More Faith» will last 46 minutes and will have 11 tracks. It will be available to download in this web at the end of May. Anyway, along the next days it will be possible to download it in places like Jamendo or Last-FM, so that if you don't want to wait... ;-)

Bye for now,

José Travieso        



February, 2010

Advance of the new album






Hello there!

If everything is going properly, I suppose that my new album will be completely finished for May or June. The most of the compositions are recorded, mixed and mastered, but I must write and record two or three additional track to finish with all it. I'm beginning this last part of the work the next month. Meanwhile you can hear some excerpts from the finished pieces here:




The album will be a mix of Neo-Classicism, Minimalism and Avant-Garde. Some pieces are soft and melodic, but other tracks are hard and experimental, connecting with the noise and industrial music. I've been experimenting with the connection between some extremes in the music, as the extreme pianissimo or fortissimo sounds, extreme low or high tones, etc. The most of the album is recorded with violin, cello, harp, flute or other conventional acoustic instruments, but in some ocassions these instruments are prepared (altered their sounds with implements) or an unusual instrumentation appears (giant tam-tam, bass waterphone, musical glasses, tape loops, etc.).

The album will last 50-60 minutes and it will have 12-14 tracks. It will contain the string quartet «Tunguska» (released as EP in September of 2009), but in a new mix, as well as a new acoustic version of the piece «After All These Years...». The rest of the tracks are new. No cover pieces, no collaborations.Some titles: «The Monster», «Minuet For Planet, Asteroids & Comet», «12 Megatons», «Yersinia XIV», «Shinigami's Dreams»... The album will be definitely called «No More Faith». Personal motives...

So long...

José Travieso        



December, 2009

Website finished and working






December, 13. Good mark!

After a hard work during the last days, today I can say this website is finished. All the sections are working properly and it seems that everything is o.k.: links, animations, etc. I only need to add some details, to test in other computers and systems, and then everything will be finished. Later the only thing will be to update from time to time and to add news.

As much as I thought I would finish for the end of this month, I will finally have two additional weeks for free work. I think that I will rest for two or three days, and for sure that in a few of days I will begin to work in new compositions... After almost three months not composing, I have a lot of ideas in my head, so that I must put order there.

Please, write me if you find something working badly in this website.


José Travieso        



December, 2009

Opening of this website, a new track for it!






Today, 1st of December of 2009, this new website begins to work. Not all the sections are actually available, but an important part of them are active and you should not have problems reading news, watching the discography or downloading all the music. Sections as «Gallery», «Donate» or «Contact» will be added along the next month. If everything is going properly, this complete new website will be totally active for the beginning of the next year.

«JOSÉ TRAVIESO's official website» replaces «» as much as «CAUTIVA official MySpace», covering all my musical projects, including the CAUTIVA project. «» will be closed. What about «CAUTIVA official MySpace», because this metal project is actually in stand-by, there will not be added news or changes there. If I work again in this project in the future, I guess that I will update such MySpace page.

By the way, celebrating the creation of this website, I leave to share my last composition, to be released in a new album (neo-classical style) for Spring or Summer of 2010. You can take it here:




Written for harp and flute, this piece is called «A Tale For Our Wasted Years» and it was written and recorded during the last September.

I hope that you like this new piece and you find interesting this new website.

My best wishes,

José Travieso