September, 2011: The past concert in New York, a success!

Just a brief note:

I returned from New York a few hours ago and everything was great. I'm excited still :-P

Not everything in my interpretation was as good as I tried and I must do some editions for my upcoming album with the concert, but I'm very very glad with the result.

Thank you very much for your support and to the organization there,

José Travieso

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August, 2011: New album to be released in September and concert in New York

In other order of things, I would just like to confirm that my next album for solo piano, «The Illusionist», is going to be released at the end of the next month, September. I have actually a good rhythm of work and I hope to finish with everything in 3 or 4 weeks. As I wrote here a few of weeks ago, this album is going to broadcast my upcoming concert in New York the next 28th of August. Let's hope everything goes properly...

By the way, it'll be my last album at least for a long time, maybe a few of years, maybe the final last one in the worst of the cases. I would like to compose a bit more music in the future, but I don't see actually any intention of releasing more albums from my side. The last months have been very hard recording my last releases and preparing the live stuff I'm going to offer in New York (this year is being crazy for my music). I need to break off for a time, to do new things and then we'll see...

The artwork is partially finished. I hope you like the front cover:

José Travieso - The Illusionist (2011, LP)

Remember: in 15 days I'm playing a special concert for solo piano in the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists in New York City. The place will be the Red Room Auditorium (I made a instrumental piece released in my previous album dedicates to this place). I repeat the date: 28th of August of 2011. More info here.

Thanks one more time for your support...

José Travieso

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August, 2011: The secret project «Improvisation for...» finished!

The secret project «Improvisation for...» has finished.

When I decided the last year to add a link for receiving money donations in this website and Jamendo, I decided too to make a "secret" project with it, for an undefined time. The idea was that when somebody made a donation, I recorded -as gratitude- an improvisation for this person -playing piano, electric piano, organ or some keyboard instrument- and sent by e-mail. So, since June of 2010, when I received the first donation, I have been from time to time recording these special secret pieces. Recorded, mixed and mastered, I've tried to send in mp3 format everyone of tese tracks to the corresponding donors (unfortunately I haven't been able to contact with all of them). After 13 improvisations, this month, August of 2011, I've decided to finish with the project. Since today receiving a money donation won't be possible in this website or Jamendo :-) The chance is finished! :-)

Is going to be this music (or part of it) released in this website, some future album, compilation or something else??? Not by my side. Everyone of these recordings has been made for a particular person, as a gift, and from the beginning I had added the important rule of "not to be officially released", I mean, not from my side. 13 improvisations, 13 owners. Everyone of them is free to decide what to do. They can share of course by Internet using eMule or soulseek, if they want for example, or just to keep the track at home, or even deleting it. Everything is possible!

I've decided too other thing: there are actually three improvisations which I haven't able to hand over; I'm going to wait for a time, but if the authentical donators don't contact to take them, I'll finally share them here, but just for a little time, just for a few of weeks, no more. Later they will be deleted on the website. I'll wait a few of months more...

As curiosity, the piece «About Memories and Deceptions» was composed and recorded from the previous (from this series) «Improvisation for Thorsten Bothe», one of my favourites.

You have more additional information about this project in my «Works» files.

I see you in NY :-(),

José Travieso

Now playing - Milenio3 :-)

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July, 2011: Two new independent tracks released

Hello there!

Today I've added two new independent tracks which you can listen and download from the 'music' section page. The first one is «Shinigami's Dream, No. 7 (Born To Die Mix)», a remix on the original track made in April for a Brenda Clews' videopoem. This remix is very different to the original recording, and I think it's my favorite of all the "shinigamians" compositions. Long, dense, dark, oppressive... The second uploaded piece is called «Ramifications Dans L'Escalier Du Diable», being a sporadic version on György Ligeti's étude for piano «L'Escalier Du Diable». This piece will be released on the next album.

I hope you like the new tracks!

José Travieso

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