August, 2011: The secret project «Improvisation for...» finished!

The secret project «Improvisation for...» has finished.

When I decided the last year to add a link for receiving money donations in this website and Jamendo, I decided too to make a "secret" project with it, for an undefined time. The idea was that when somebody made a donation, I recorded -as gratitude- an improvisation for this person -playing piano, electric piano, organ or some keyboard instrument- and sent by e-mail. So, since June of 2010, when I received the first donation, I have been from time to time recording these special secret pieces. Recorded, mixed and mastered, I've tried to send in mp3 format everyone of tese tracks to the corresponding donors (unfortunately I haven't been able to contact with all of them). After 13 improvisations, this month, August of 2011, I've decided to finish with the project. Since today receiving a money donation won't be possible in this website or Jamendo :-) The chance is finished! :-)

Is going to be this music (or part of it) released in this website, some future album, compilation or something else??? Not by my side. Everyone of these recordings has been made for a particular person, as a gift, and from the beginning I had added the important rule of "not to be officially released", I mean, not from my side. 13 improvisations, 13 owners. Everyone of them is free to decide what to do. They can share of course by Internet using eMule or soulseek, if they want for example, or just to keep the track at home, or even deleting it. Everything is possible!

I've decided too other thing: there are actually three improvisations which I haven't able to hand over; I'm going to wait for a time, but if the authentical donators don't contact to take them, I'll finally share them here, but just for a little time, just for a few of weeks, no more. Later they will be deleted on the website. I'll wait a few of months more...

As curiosity, the piece «About Memories and Deceptions» was composed and recorded from the previous (from this series) «Improvisation for Thorsten Bothe», one of my favourites.

You have more additional information about this project in my «Works» files.

I see you in NY :-(),

José Travieso

Now playing - Milenio3 :-)

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July, 2011: Two new independent tracks released

Hello there!

Today I've added two new independent tracks which you can listen and download from the 'music' section page. The first one is «Shinigami's Dream, No. 7 (Born To Die Mix)», a remix on the original track made in April for a Brenda Clews' videopoem. This remix is very different to the original recording, and I think it's my favorite of all the "shinigamians" compositions. Long, dense, dark, oppressive... The second uploaded piece is called «Ramifications Dans L'Escalier Du Diable», being a sporadic version on György Ligeti's étude for piano «L'Escalier Du Diable». This piece will be released on the next album.

I hope you like the new tracks!

José Travieso

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May, 2011: «Don't Kill The Vinyl» released!

A few days ago it was released the new EP, with the final title of «Don't Kill The Vinyl». You can visit it clicking on the image:

José Travieso - Don't Kill The Vinyl (2011, EP)

This little album is very different to everyhing I had made previously and maybe it's not understood properly, but anyway I'm happy with it. I like its variety and how is connected everything. Making this has meant to work from different and unusual (for me) points of view. I've enjoyed a lot with it and never I knew what exactly I was going to finish. Now it's finished, and I think that -inside its variety- is a solid recording and a nice listening... At least for me! :-)

2/3 made. Next step: finishing my album for solo piano.

I hope you like my new "monster",

José Travieso

Now playing - Megadeth: Killing is my Business... (yessssss :-)

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April, 2011: Changes in the website: listen or download directly any track!

Finally the "soundcloud" integration is being real in this website. I've finished this morning with all the changes in the releases and you can listen or download actually any track of any album, EP or single just clicking on the track name (before the only option was to download the complete release), on the "Radio" space. The only change to finish with this integration is doing the same with the «independent track» section, but I'll launch this with the release of the new EP, not before.

What about this new release, everything is finished, so that maybe I decide to put it here before than May, I'll see... :-) By the way, the title has changed from «Sampling From A Different Point Of View» to «Don't Kill The Vinyl», as much as I make a little tribute to the vinyl recordings along all the tracks. Seven tracks, including two bonus tracks (different mixes of previous tracks, nothing special).

Returning to the "soundcloud" integration, you can't only download or listen directly any track, but you can now add commentaries, to share or integrate via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter... I think it's a nice improvement :-)

In a few of days: «Don't Kill The Vinyl».

José Travieso

NP - Morbid Angel: God Of Emptiness

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