October, 2013: New piece released after more than a year...

As celebration for the releasing in this month of the new version of this website and that actually you are visiting, I've wanted to share something special:

José Travieso - Improvisation In An Old Style

It's a new piece, called «Improvisation In An Old Style», being the only recording that I had made sice my abandonment in August of 2012. It's an improvisation for electric piano that I recorded in the evening of the past 18th of August of this year for Ruben Blancquaert following a bit the essence of the project of 2011 «Improvisation For...».

The sensation recording this improvisation was very nice, as much as that this has been the only time that I played my keyboard during the last year, enjoying with it and helping me to remember why I've loved so much to make music in the past.

You can know more about the piece reading the «Works» files, and you can listen it directly in this section.

With time, maybe more recordings...

José Travieso

NP - Arkhe: Introspection

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October, 2013: Official website 2.0

Hello there and welcome to the new version of the website!

It's nice to be again writing you after all these months of silence and retirement! :-)

...Does it mean that I'm returning??? Not exactly, music is not a priority now in my life and I didn't do much during the last year... but truely I begin to feel some wish to make a bit of music, so that I want to take my time and, maybe, to record something, maybe during 2014. I don't know much more!

What I feel is that after more than a year without any contact with my own music something pushes me to be now a bit active. I bought a new guitar the last month (Schecter Hellraiser, I love it!) and I play from time to time, not much, but enough to feel sometimes the desire to write or record, or the desire of continue increasing my equipment... All this can be the beginning of something nice here!

Among all these ideas of being a bit more active with my music, I though that it would be a good idea to make a new version of this website, and this has been truely my activity during the last 4 or 5 weeks, to create "The Official José Travieso and Cautiva Website v2.0". The old site was nice and enough for me all the time, but the menus were created in Flash language, which it's not very used in mobile phones and some tablets, giving problems of compatibility and other limitations. As much as that everyday these kinds of technologies are more and more used, everyday my website were needing more and more a change. Finally, in spite of updating the menus to other more friendly language (my first idea), I decided to make from zero (more or less) a new site, and this that you can see is the result. I hope you like...

I think that this new version is more slow and not so funny because not having the sonorous piano of the old one :-(, but -on the contrary- it's more compatible, more beautiful, more easy to expand and more modern and dynamic. I believe that this new version wins!

Have a look and tell me what you think... You can continue visiting the old website clicking here (by the way, you have a link at the end of the page), but I'll not update it more. I've just kept a copy as historial archive, not more. You can find all the information in the new version, so that we don't need the old one!

As additional point, I've updated too the «Works» files and improved the wallpapers.

Soon, a bit of new music: just an improvisation (electric piano) that I recorded the last August.

Best wishes,

José Travieso

NP - Gavin Bryars: Four Elements

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December, 2012: Unfinished song demo for Cautiva uploaded and more

Not much movement over here, is it?

Since my decision in August of leaving the musical creation at least for a long time, and as it's a natural thing, I've been rather distant of all the stuff concerning my own music and so on. I'm been in some very concrete moments working in mix, playing guitar or testing some software, but nothing really interesting. During all this time I've had much time to think about my decision and I belive I did the correct thing. Sometimes I miss a lot to begin to create music and to continue developing my skills and musical projects, but I don't forget the sacrifice that I have to do in my life if I want to do music in the way I need or I know, and then I remember the reasons of my decision and I stop to think about it. Now that I can watch my past relation with the music from a more distant perspective, I understand that for me to create music is like drugs or something similiar, as much as I give too many priorities, I consume my health (stress) trying to contend with family, job, music and other obligations or hobbies and I go in a spiral where I want more and more and more... I've understood that my creative relation with the music is self-destructive and I must learn to control this relationship. Maybe this spiral of self-destruction has made that I made music during the last year more for my ambitions and objectives than for enjoying really the process. Actually I spend my free time in other kind of things, as simple as playing computer, making reforms at home or watching movies, and I feel I have more free time, I don't feel so much pressure and I believe I'm better, happier I mean...

In Christmas I'll be on vacations and I believe it would be a nice time to try to think about music from a more active perspective. Maybe I record some Erik Satie piece by piano or some classical music stuff, I don't think about more. Actually this is the best compromise that I want to give to my music! Hahaha!

Before to finish and how it's written in the title, I've uploaded recently to this website the excerpt of the demo song that I was making in August, just in the days I took my decision of stopping. This fragment is less than a minute and the sound is not pulished, but at least you'll be able to know what I was creating then and what path Cautiva was going to take... This unfinished piece possibly was going to be called «OBEY!!».

Finally and concerning this website, I've corrected the external links of download for all the albums, especially in the case of «A Retrospective...». All the links to Megaupload were broken since a long time ago and there was an obligation to correct all that.

Best wishes and thanks for reading and listening me,

José Travieso

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August, 2012: José Travieso leaves the music

A very important announcement for this website:

After a long and problematic process of pre-production during the last two or three months for the new recordings of Cautiva that I expected to do along the rest of the year, I've recently decided to leave my role in the music as composer and creator, at least for a very long time (and, maybe, for all the life). It's hard for me to accept this after so much work, not only facing the new songs I was thinking to make for Cautiva and all the previous hard work that I've made with it, but also the experience of the last years composing and recording so many different music styles and projects... I've spent so much time with it that I feels that taking the decision of leave the music is like to jump to a dark abysm where you don't know what's going to find. It's hard for me to think about a new life without a so active role in the music -even I actually feels that I've forgotten how is it-, but I've taken this important decision and I believe it's the best option.

Leaving the music isn't something I had thought for first time a few days ago. I've been feeling this for a long time, I think that, from time to time, during the last year and a half. If you have been visiting this website during that period, maybe you had read some idea about it or something alike. So, though I can say that such decision is new, the feeling isn't it... Not at all!

«O.k. This guy has left the music, but... wHY?!». Among a few of reasons, the most important is this: I've understood that I don't feel the "magic", the "passion"... just I've been spending the last year and half involved with my music more for routine than for pleasure. Of course I've enjoyed with it and I've had a few of very good moments, but it hasn't been different of any other activity, like watching a movie or driving a car. Nothing special.

When I decided to record something more for Cautiva a few months ago, I wanted to take care a lot of the sound (an aspect where Cautiva didn't have the best). So that I worked hard with it (the moment of "pre-production"). I made a new set up for my guitar, I changed part of the recording and sound equip, new computer, new acoustic treatments in the room, new software... and tons of hours working in the sound of guitars, bass, drums, mix and mastering. This process has been very tedious and hard. Looking for the "perfect professional sound" working in the box has been terrible and I was near to throw in the towel one or two times, but I got it! So, a few days ago, after so much work, with a few of ideas in my head, I began exciteed to record a new song for Cautiva. Everything sounded really great and clean, I had some good riffs and ideas, the intro was resulting fabulous... but something wasn't working properly! After a few of days recording I've understood that the problem is... me. I wasn't feeling the magic, the energy, the motivation... When I was working in 2008/09 in Cautiva's album «Human», I was excited with it during months, with a strong passion and motivation, everyday! But all this has disappeared. I feel... nothing! The "beast" is dead and I think I've killed it. When I began again with the music a few years ago, I had many things to tell and learn and all was great. It was the period of «Human». Since then, I've recorded 3 or 4 albums and other projects, I tried my best with it everyday, but people change and I feel actually that I don't enjoy with the process as much as in the past. This sensation has been even worse during this week, watching the I'm recording new music for Cautiva but without emotions, just with coldness, acting like a job, feeling that I make this because my involvement with my own music and all the hard work previously made, but not because I feel it or I enjoy it. Maybe I killed the beast because all this strong dedication and discipline during the last years have made that I feel more and more tired and dispassionate... I don't know, but the important thing is that such feeling is real and I can't ignore it more.

During the last years I've been very demanding with my music. This means to work everyday in it, and here the main reason to leave the music is: I don't want to spend everyday an important part of my free time in an activity (making music) which it needs the best of me but it doesn't fill me. This is a stupid sacrifice. With Cautiva, today, I've understood that making this is loosing the time. I can continue making music, one album, two albums, three, but... if this is like a job, if I don't enjoy really with it and there is no spontaneity or really free time... why do I continue making music??? So important is this to make a sacrifice with my time and life??? Completely not!

So, today, 9th of August of 2012, I can say that José Travieso leaves the music. Maybe this decision is not for a long time, maybe after a year I feel the strong need of making music (like before) and I return, or maybe I don't write a new piece in the rest of my life... Frankly speaking, I don't know what will happen with the future. The only things I can say now is that I leave it, that I feel that the Cautiva project is over and that I'm going to take an important break-up with all my music.

What am I going to do now??? Just to spend more time with my family, enjoy of the little things of the day by day and be able to dedicate time to other aspects of my life which I have had forgotten during the last years because the music. What about this, the music, I'll continue keeping this website as legacy of my work, and I'll continue mixing and mastering to friends and professionally, but no more, just I'll enjoy as listener :-)

I'm sorry if I created some expectations about a new stuff for Cautiva. I hope you understand my posture.

Best wishes for all of you,

José Travieso

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