December 2017: New album details!

These are some details about the upcoming album:

It'll be called «Lost In Blue», title connected with the music and -as it's usual- with actual feelings and experiences of my private life.

5 tracks. Around 40 minutes.

This is the tracklist:

1. Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 (new track, released a few months ago in a various artists compilation).

2. Study: A Living Sequence

3. Improvisation 2016.02.06: Analog Vibes

4. Study: Freezing The Life (which I recorded around 3 weeks ago).

5. March Of The New Titans (new track too).

The tracks #2 and #3 have been taken from sessions for «Navigator» and they have been previously shared in this website.

The music is mainly experimental, but there is place for the melodies (only tracks #1 and #5 :-P).

Finally and like it was with «Navigator», the cover artwork has been created by the fantastic artist Lenore Ani.

Everything is finished and it'll be released on December 15 (Bandcamp).

Happy Xmas by the way!

José Travieso

Now playing - Klaus Schulze: Are You Sequenced? (the CD of remixes; I prefer it to the original KS recording!)

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