November, 2017: aCtIviTy / InAcTiVitY

Well, first of all: Hello again!

No, I didn't die :-) ...

Last time I wrote here or on Facebook was February. Then I spoke about sharing a new track and about the future projects that I had in mind. All this coincided with me changing to a new house and getting -after a long time!- a good dedicated room to make my own private studio recording. In March I had little free time, but, anyway, I spent a few of days recording an additional track for a various artists compilation. But after that, I began to feel not very motivated to create music and I started to be involved with not musical projects. So, the weeks and months were passing. In summer I had enough time to do something concerning my own music and I tried to make a new metal project, maybe a new Cautiva track/EP or something like that, but after two weeks working in production, practicing and so on, I decided to stop. Again, lack of motivation... Just I wasn't finding the right emotional state and motivation to work properly in my music, projects and so on. I suppose that time passes and I change with it.

Actually I continue more related to other aspects of my private life than my own music, but a few weeks ago I had the idea of releasing, before of finishing the year, an album compiling all the music -electronic- that I had recorded during the last year and a half and hadn't been released in any of my ordinary works. I don't forget that my original idea for 2017 was to work mainly in two electronic projects -two different EPs, as I wrote in February-, but as long as I lost the interest I thought it would be a good idea to reunite the stuff partially created for both projects with some additional music and finish something like a... minor album? I liked this idea, especially because gives me the opportunity to close an episode in my musical life and to begin something new and fresh. I would like to record some new music in 2018, I feel motivated with some ideas, but they are not related to my original projects of recording electronic music for two EPs as I planned in the beginning of this year. So, I want to close what I did releasing this album and feel myself free to begin something new :-)

I had an idea of how flowing properly the music of this new "improvised" album, but for that I needed to record an extra track which I had in conceptual stage since a year ago -the «Navigator» times- for my ambient EP. With this track I thought I would have a right structure for the album. I made this project (an ambient study) two weeks ago, during just a weekend, and I put together all the pieces. The puzzle was solved. I liked the result.

So, I want to start some activity with my music since today. First, we'll have this new and short album in December (I'm actually working in the cover artwork). Second, I have spent a lot of time working -from time to time- in the construction of my studio and I hope to finish with everything at the end of this year. Third, I want to update «Works», my studio inventory and part of my software. And fourth, finally, since 1st of January, I want to begin to work in a new musical project. They are my objectives :-P

In a next post I'll write some details about the upcoming album.

Thanks one more time for all your support,

José Travieso

Now playing – Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 3

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