Feb. 2017: Moving to definitive studio and future projects


Finally the provisional studio emplacement that I set up in April/May of the last year has lasted much less that I thought, and this is good. Like April, I’m actually moving again to a new house, but in this case it offers a very good, big and comfortable room in which I hope to install my definitive studio recording. The room is really great and it'll be dedicated exclusively to my studio. I’ve been looking for this opportunity during years and I have finally had the occasion, so I made it! I suppose that in March I’ll upload some pictures or video. Meanwhile, I’ll be very busy and I’ll not have time for my music for, at least, three or four weeks. :-( It’s a pity, but it’s really worth it the change! :-)


Last month I finished a track facing one of the projects that I have in mind for 2017. I’ll share it soon!

Just now I want to share my actual “statements” for 2017 and beyond. It's good for me to write this here because later help me to put order, take decisions and so on... In summary, this is what I have in mind for the future:

-As always, I have a lot of ideas about different projects and genres rounding my head, but I want to continue concentrating on electronic music. As I said at the end of 2015: “I want to concentrate in the vintage electronic music I love: Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Robert Rich, etc. I don’t rule out any latest thing, but I want to focus on the styles, methods and sounds that I like and admire”. Electronic music is not as perfect for me as I thought in a beginning (for example, I don’t enjoy some aspects when I’m recording), but I continue with the same perspective than 2015. I think this is good. Stability I mean.

-I continue watching all this as a whole thing of learning and creation in which recording music is just a part. Improvising, experiencing, enjoying, reading, studying, learning, experimenting… Recording will continue being a part of the whole. Like before, I continue with the same conception that I said in 2015: “In this new period the approach is not doing new music, but enjoying of everything electronic music can offers to me from a creative perspective”. From this conception recording is a thing from time to time, so it’s not possible to record much. There are a lot of things to do. Anyway, I’ll try to maintain a rhythm, as it has been during the last year.

-In this year and concerning recordings, I want to concentrate in two main projects. If everything goes properly, each project will be an EP. First one is more electronic melodic music, connected with my last album, «Navigator», but more modern sound oriented. The track that I finished last month and that I’ll share soon is for this project. The second project is ambient music.

-Sometimes I think about Cautiva, so maybe one day I revive it a bit! A year ago Cautiva was a forgotten thing, but actually, from time to time, I think it would be nice to record some new song. Now not, but maybe in 2018… Just I wanted to share that the door to Cautiva is not completely closed, maybe around 90% :-/

-Long-term possible projects: Sometimes I’m thinking about to make an album connected to the old Mike Oldfield style («Hergest Ridge», «Tubular Bells», «Ommadawn» and so on). It would be a whole new thing for me, and I like this. It would be a lot of work and I would have to buy new instruments, but I like the idea. Now a phantasy, but time will tell.

-More long-term possible projects: I’m thinking with a friend about to record together something in the old progressive rock style of Goblin, maybe with an eighties sound, many guitars, a bit of experimentations… Maybe we do nothing, but this possible project is now in “conceptual stage” and it can begin to walk…

-Improvisation. This was my pending subject in 2016. I made something, but much less I had wanted. So, I’ll try in 2017 to focus more in improvisating electronic music.

These are my statements for 2017 and beyond. Let’s watch what will happen finally…


José Travieso

Now playing - Megadeth: Peace Sells… (30 years listening to it and amaaaazzziiingggg)

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