January, 2017: Two out-takes from 'Navigator' sessions

Hi there!

Recently I shared on Facebook and uploaded to this website two unreleased tracks taken from sessions for my last album, «Navigator» (October, 2016).

The first track is «Study: A Living Sequence». I created this study/sequence this summer to be the spine of the track «Cosmic Dispersion Of Life». It was an experiment with a few of delays and rhythmical sends and a bit of auto-generative music. The complete study lasts around 30 minutes. It was very nice making this!

The second track («Septem Verba Christi») is the original church organ version that I composed for the track «Passacaglia».

You can find these tracks on the "Independent tracks" section and to know more in my «Works» files.

On the other hand, a few days ago I finished a new piece facing one of the projects I want to do for this year (I continue with the electronic music). I'll write more and I'll share this new track soon!


José Travieso

Now playing – Eurovision Songcontest 1973 (yes, I can be considerer an "eurofan" and I'm actually finishing my own selection of favorite songs!)

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