November, 2016: Major update on Works

How is everything going?

Two weeks ago I finished a major update of «Works». I've made some changes that I was thinking about since the last year, and I've added some additional information. Now it's everything a bit better :-)

Actually not thinking much about my music. After finishing «Navigator» I wanted to spend a time doing other things and trying to relax (though finally it's being time to do things of my job, family, home and so on). Besides updating «Works», the only things I'm doing concerning my music are reading a couple of books about mixing and acoustic and updating part of my software, not very interesting. But in December I want to begin some new plans!

Thanks again for the good reception of «Navigator»!

José Travieso

Now playing – Metallica: Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (so-so)

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«Works» is a text which collects comprehensive information about all my releases and compositions, including lengths, when it was composed or recorded a track, connections with other pieces, anecdotes, histories behind the music and much more stuff.

«Works» is regularly updated from time to time and you can download it from these links:

-WORKS, Part 1: about pieces.

-WORKS, Part 2: about releases.

The first part collects information about all the compositions, including the unreleased ones, being the most exhaustive and interesting part of all the content. The second part gives information about all the ordinary releases (LPs, EPs, Singles, Compilations, etc.).

If you are interested in knowing more about any release or piece, «Works» is a great source of information!