October, 2016: My music now on Bandcamp

Hi everybody!

After a period of reflection, I've decided to change some aspects of the distribution of my albums and recordings. First of all, I've uploaded all my discography to Bandcamp.com and centralized the download solution there. Since now it won't possible to download my releases -except for the "independent tracks" section- from www.josetravieso.org or other websites. I like the flow of Bandcamp and it fits better now for my actual approach.

You can visit my Bandcamp collection here.

Second, since now all my music passes to be "All Right Reserved". I leave the "Creative Commons" idea. I like it, but I worked with it for almost a decade and now I want to know the other posture. Not everything is perfect in the "Creative Commons" licenses and I think the control of the distribution of the own music is one of the weak points. I had, as other friend artists, some abuses on my music and I could do nothing with it because my music "was distributed for free". Of course, all the use licenses that were given in the past would have to be working perfectly. If you have some problem with Youtube, for example, contact to me, explain your case, give me links and I'll provide directly a new license. This is part of the headaches Creative Commons gave to me.

Third, I leave Jamendo as main platform for commercial licenses. For a few of years it was a very nice place for this, but they made a political change a time ago and since then my music has received fewer licenses from them and the money received is bad balanced. I actually use other solutions which work much better and more transparently, so I've left them. If you want to license some of my music for your video or project, for example try Rumblefish. I won't give licenses directly. I prefer concentrate on my music and not to have to take care about all this. Thanks!

Finally, my music will continue being in platforms like Google Play Music, Spotify, iTunes and so on.

Next post here: releasing «Navigator»,

José Travieso

Now playing – the voice of my wife telling me what I have to do today. Hahaha!

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