September, 2016: Some details about the upcoming new album

Finally it’ll be released in the second half of October and it’ll have as title “Navigator”, as I said here a time ago. It’s finished around 90% and I hope to finish all the recordings and mastering during this month.

This is the tracklist:

1. Navigator

2. Deus Ex Machina

3. God's Ladder

4. (actually in progress and without title, maybe to be split in two tracks)

5. Improvisation 2016.02.21: Through God’s Core

6. Cosmic Dispersion Of Life

7. Trapped In A Brief Childhood Memory

8. Love On A Real Train (A Tangerine Dream Tribute)

Around 55 minutes of music. I would have preferred a bit shorter, around 40-45 minutes -like most of albums of 70s and 80s and which I think it’s the best length for an album-, but it’s ok. I wanted to add the TD tribute.

In a few days I'll share the cover artwork.


José Travieso

Now playing - Harald Nies: Horizon

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