Jose Travieso - Navigator (2016, LP)
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| Format: LP | First Release: October 2016 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed and recorded: August 2015 - September 2016 |

| Instruments: Mainly: synthesizers; Other instruments: drums and additional drums, prepared bass drum, cymbals, tam-tam gong, maracas, triangle, electric piano, piano, musical glasses, pipe organ, tubular bells, samples, voices and vocals |

| # tracks: 9 | Length: 53:40 |

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First release in October 2016.

This is my first album dedicated to electronic music. Previously, in 2011, I recorded the EP «Don't Kill The Vinyl», where the electronic music and hip-hop have an important role, but the electronic wasn't as relevant as here.

This is a conceptual album, describing a round travel through the evolution, the consciousness and the transcendence of the human being, since the first steps of the civilization until the maximum state of evolution, reaching to God and the understanding of all the mysteries of Universe and Existence. The album is rather descriptive and some of the keywords are: life, space exploration, black holes, gravitational singularity, technological singularity, metaphysics, evolution, god, panspermia theory, cosmic winds, etc.

Musically, with this project I have tried two things:

-To make a tribute to the classical and vintage electronic music that I love, the 70s and 80s music from Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and so on.

-To experiment with the composition based on multiple layers and the concept "wall of sound".

This album is dedicated to my mother.

Artwork by Lenore (Ani Artworks) and José Travieso.

You can download and get this LP in Bandcamp.

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Deus Ex Machina
God's Ladder
Improvisation 2016.02.21: Through God's Core
Cosmic Dispersion Of Life
Trapped In A Brief Childhood Memory
Love On A Real Train (A Tangerine Dream Tribute)*

*based on the original music by Tangerine Dream from 1983.

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