Cautiva - The Archangel Of Omega (2015, EP)
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| Format: EP | First Release: July 2015 |

| Label: Abracadaver Music |

| Composed: August 2014 - June 2015 |

| Recorded: September 2014 - June 2015 |

| Performed by: José Travieso - guitars, bass, drums programing and vocals | # tracks: 4 | Length: 23:50 |

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First release in July 2015.

This is the third and farewell* recording of Cautiva, my technical and progressive thrash metal project in which I play all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums programming and vocals), in the style of "one man band".

Of all my projects, Cautiva has probably been my favorite, so wild and technically excessive, but it's very very demanding in time and energy, so I decided to put an end point in 2014. Then I had in mind to begin to work in a new period -and probably long- of electronic exploration and I thought it would be a good moment to finish with Cautiva recording some new music. Though this recording was the farewell of the project, I don't discard at all to record anything else in the future, but -as maximum- just some solitary song after a few of years or something like that, something exceptional.

Initially I wanted to record 3 or 4 songs, but finally the number was 2. I tried my best with both songs and they were so complex that I needed a lot of time to finish them. On the other hand, I wasn't lucky in the recordings and I had a lot of problems of hardware, software, health... After finishing the second song I said "it's enough for me!". Hahaha!

I decided to release each song in two different versions: original version (with vocals) and instrumental version (without vocals of course, but also slightly different).

Not much, but if you like Cautiva, I think you'll like this stuff. I tried to transmit the purest essence of the project.

Artwork by Georgi Georgiev and José Travieso.

You can download and get this EP in Bandcamp.

* CAUTIVA is abandoned to focus in new projects, probably forever.

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A Story Of Life, Love And Death
A Story Of Life, Love And Death (instrumental)
Freaks! (instrumental)

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