José Travieso - Tres Piezas para Oídos Distintos (2002, EP)
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| Format: EP | First Release: April 2002 | Label: Casa-Ray |

| Composed: Summer of 2000 and March 2002 (track #1); December 2000 and February 2002 (track #2);
March 2000 (track #3) | Recorded: March 2002 (track #1);
February 2002 (track #2); March 2000 (track #3) |

| Instruments: Piano | # tracks: 3 | Length: 31:13 |

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Jazz en Clave Mínimo-Andalusí
Raymond Blue
Música para 18 Pasos y 2 Pianos Desfasados
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First release in April 2002.

This EP collects three pieces for piano revising very different styles.

The track #1, written in 2002 and recorded live in the studio, is an experimental-fusion piece in which I try to reunite a collage of four styles of music: jazz, minimalism, flamenco and "sporadic music" (see the 'Ensayos sobre Música Esporádica' EP to know more about my old style of composition called "sporadic music").

«Raymond Blue», the track #2, is a piece of romantic style constructed with different improvisations recorded during the last days of December 2000. As curiosity, a brief fragment of one of the passages is directly connected (a tribute) to «The Fosse», piece for piano and voice written by Wim Mertens for the «Maximizing The Audience» album of 1985. «Raymond Blue» was my «Romantic Poem No. 3».

Finally, the track #3 -written in March 2000- is dedicated to the minimalist composer Steve Reich. Written for two pianos, all the music of this piece is built from a single musical motif made with complex chords along 18 steps of one only bar. Into a hyper-organized and rigid structure, this motive always appears in four forms (slow, fast, slow and retrograde, fast and retrograde), playing a piano a higher octave than the other and both suffering acceleration and deceleration by steps, and following a time routine, until to reach again the same beginning of the motif. This collapse creates unimaginable things! :-)

Sleeve design by José Travieso.

This EP was remastered in 2008.

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