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Deus Ex Machina / God's Ladder

Date: March, 2016 ―|― Length: 10:18
E-project #4, divided in two pieces: an ambient and introductory part; a second part mixing the classic Berlin School approach with Minimalism.

Improvisation 2016.02.21: Through God's Core

Date: February, 2016 ―|― Length: 8:14
Improvisation recorded during the sessions for the e-proj #4.

Improvisation 2016.02.06: Analog Vibes

Date: February, 2016 ―|― Length: 3:07
First improvisation recorded in the electronic style.
  • Cautiva's «The Archangel Of Omega»

    | Format: EP | First Release: July, 2015 |

    | 4 tracks | Length: 23:50 |

    Third release and farewell of the technical and progressive thrash metal project. The essence of CAUTIVA taken a bit more to the extreme. Not for all the ears!

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  • Eclecticism - A 2008-2013 Retrospective

    | Format: 2 CDs-Box | First Release: Feb., 2014 |

    | 25 tracks | Length: 126:50 |

    A 2 CD-Box compilation from the 2008-2013 period along more than 2 hours of music and 25 tracks, including 3 previously unreleased pieces on any ordinary release.
    Read More
  • The Illusionist

    | Format: LP  |  First Release: September, 2011 |

    | 12 tracks  |  Length: 62:05 |

    Album recording a historical concert in José Travieso's career offered on the 28th of August of 2011 in the Red Room Auditorium, New York City, as part of the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists. Along one hour José Travieso returns to the piano, revising old and new pieces, playing new compositions especially created for the event and...
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  • Don't Kill The Vinyl

    | Format: EP | First Release: May, 2011 |

    | 7 tracks | Length: 35:19 |

    Short album trying to reconcile the old with the new, making a tribute to the vinyl records and where the sample procedures take an important role. Varied and risky, José Travieso working from a different point of view. Synthesizers, samples, electronic, hip-hop, experimental music...
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  • La Boîte

    | Format: Single | First Release: February, 2011 |

    | 5 tracks | Length: 6:21 |

    Five short pieces recorded especially as original soundtrack for the homonymous animated short film created by Marie Bouchet. A return to the childhood and its nightmares...

    Read More
  • No More Faith

    | Format: LP | First Release: April, 2010 |

    | 11 tracks | Length: 45:42 |

    Album mixing neo-classicism, post-minimalism and avant-garde through a collection of pieces for different chamber ensembles and an interesting variety of instruments, including string quartets, flute, harp or even experimental instruments like musical glasses, bass waterphones or giant tam-tams... It includes the string quartet «Tunguska».
    Read More
  • Cautiva's «Human»

    | Format: LP | First Release: June, 2009 |

    | 10 tracks | Length: 43:10 |

    Acclaimed second release of the technical and progressive thrash metal project in which José Travieso performs all the instruments and vocals. Aggressive, strong and sophisticated. Not for all the ears! :-)

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    In this space you will only find recent recordings. If you want to visit older releases or additional stuff, then click the "READ MORE" button to go to the music section.

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Last news...

May, 2016: Arte y Embrujo

Hello there!

Sometimes my work is used for docummentaries, TV spots and other medias, like Internet. The most of the times I don't know much about it because I don't manage it, but in other occasions I have full knowledge and I'm surprised to be part of something I consider really great. This is the case of Arte y Embrujo, a virtual photography and painting exhibition by the genial artists Ginés Castellano and Anabel Bayo which used two of my old recordings for piano as unique soundtrack. I invite you to enjoy of these arts! :-)

On the other hand, after recording the E-Proj #4, I haven't recorded anything for all these weeks. I wanted to spend one or two weeks testing new software and resting but finally I decided to move house, to install a new studio there, to rent my old house... Since the beginning of April my free time has been very very limited and, though I enjoy actually a lot listening to other artists, I decided not to work in my own stuff until to have everything more or less finished. I'm giving a finishing touch to the studio and I think that in the beginning of June I'll continue working in the next album.


José Travieso

Now playing – Pete Namlook: Music For Urban Meditation

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April, 2016: E-Project #4

Last month I finished the E-Project #4, one of my most difficult and complex recording to date. With this piece I wanted to mix the 70s Berlin School sound with Minimalism and some ideas from the "sporadic" techniques of compositions I began to apply in 1999. Also I wanted to experiment with multiple layers of sounds (thing that I've been doing with the previous E-Projects too), and all this led me to a titanic and hard recording, with around 60-65 tracks, busses, FX channels, groups, etc., and a lot of headaches! Hard, but pleasant when it was finished! :-) Anyway, I think the next recordings will be more easy and conventional! :-)

What about this new piece, it's divided in two parts. The first part («Deus Ex Machina») is an ambient composition and works as introduction to the second part, which is the main part of the project. «Deus Ex Machina» includes an excerpt of one of my first improvisations with the modular synthesizer I'm mounting (the whole improvisation is the track «Improvisation 2016.02.21: Through God's Core»). Other interesting thing about this track is that it was used the real recording of gravitational waves created from the collapse of two black holes (captured by the LIGO observatory on the 14th of September of 2015 and assumed the empirical demostration of the existence of gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einsten, maybe the most important in Astronomy the last year).

The second and main part is called «God's Ladder». Everything in this piece turns around a monophonic sequence developing constantly. This sequence development was recorded along 9 synthesizers (!), creating diverse layers during all the progress of the piece. At the end of this you can listen to all the synthesizers workign together. A crazy thing!

More information in «Works».


José Travieso

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Welcome to JOSÉ TRAVIESO's official website!

This website is dedicated to all the music that I've written and recorded, especially during the periods 1994-2003 and 2007-2012 aprox. (including the CAUTIVA project).

Here you will find an archive of news about my diverse musical projects (though I recommend to you to be connected through Facebook), a comprehensive compilation about all my works and a way to listen and download for free the most of my recordings.

I hope you find interesting this place and you enjoy it...

Thanks for listening and supporting my music!

José Travieso

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«Works» is a text which collects comprehensive information about all José Travieso's releases and compositions, including lengths, when it was composed or recorded a track, connections with other pieces, anecdotes, histories behind the music and much more stuff.

«Works» is regularly updated from time to time and you can download it from these links:

-WORKS, Part 1: about pieces.

-WORKS, Part 2: about releases.

The first part collects information about all the compositions, including the unreleased ones, being the most exhaustive and interesting part of all the content. The second part gives information about all the ordinary releases (LPs, EPs, Singles, Compilations, etc.).

If you are interested in knowing more about any release or piece, «Works» is a great source of information!