Last Independent Tracks

Septem Verba Christi

Date: September, 2016 ―|― Length: 4:22
Unreleased track taken from sessions for the album 'Navigator', 2016. This is the original church organ version that I composed for the track 'Passacaglia'.

Study: A Living Sequence

Date: August, 2016 ―|― Length: 6:05
Unreleased track taken from sessions for the album 'Navigator', 2016. I created this study/sequence to be the spine of the track 'Cosmic Dispersion Of Life'.

Improvisation 2016.02.06: Analog Vibes

Date: February, 2016 ―|― Length: 3:07
First improvisation recorded in the electronic style.
  • Navigator


    | Format: LP | First Release: October 2016 |

    | 9 tracks | Length: 53:40 |

    My first album dedicated to electronic music, tributing to the classical and vintage sound, and exploring the composition based on multiple layers. Conceptual recording, describing a round travel through the evolution, the consciousness and the transcendence of the human being...

    Read More
  • Cautiva's «The Archangel Of Omega»

    Cautiva's «The Archangel Of Omega»

    | Format: EP | First Release: July 2015 |

    | 4 tracks | Length: 23:50 |

    Third release and farewell of the technical and progressive thrash metal project. The essence of CAUTIVA taken a bit more to the extreme. Not for all the ears!

    Read More
  • Eclecticism - A 2008-2013 Retrospective

    Eclecticism - A 2008-2013 Retrospective

    | Format: 2 CDs-Box | First Release: Feb. 2014 |

    | 25 tracks | Length: 126:50 |

    A 2 CD-Box compilation from the 2008-2013 period along more than 2 hours of music and 25 tracks, including 3 previously unreleased pieces on any ordinary release. Read More
  • The Illusionist

    The Illusionist

    | Format: LP  |  First Release: September 2011 |

    | 12 tracks  |  Length: 62:05 |

    «Album recording a historical concert in José Travieso's career offered on the 28th of August of 2011 in the Red Room Auditorium, New York City, as part of the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists. Over one hour José Travieso returns to the piano, revising old and new pieces, playing new compositions especially created for...» ... Isn't it??? Read More
  • Don't Kill The Vinyl

    Don't Kill The Vinyl

    | Format: EP | First Release: May 2011 |

    | 7 tracks | Length: 35:19 |

    Short album trying to reconcile the old with the new, making a tribute to the vinyl records and where the sample procedures take an important role. Varied and risky, Working then from a different point of view. Synthesizers, samples, electronic, hip-hop, experimental music... Read More
  • La Boîte

    La Boîte

    | Format: Single | First Release: February 2011 |

    | 5 tracks | Length: 6:21 |

    Five short pieces recorded especially as original soundtrack for the homonymous animated short film created by Marie Bouchet. A return to the childhood and its nightmares...

    Read More
  • No More Faith

    No More Faith

    | Format: LP | First Release: April 2010 |

    | 11 tracks | Length: 45:42 |

    Album mixing neo-classicism, post-minimalism and avant-garde through a collection of pieces for different chamber ensembles and an interesting variety of instruments, including string quartets, flute, harp or even experimental instruments like musical glasses, bass waterphones or giant tam-tams... It includes the string quartet «Tunguska». Read More
  • Cautiva's «Human»

    Cautiva's «Human»

    | Format: LP | First Release: June 2009 |

    | 10 tracks | Length: 43:10 |

    Second release of the technical and progressive thrash metal project in which I perform all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums programming and vocals). Not for all the ears! :-)

    Read More
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    In this space you will only find my last recordings. If you want to visit older releases or additional stuff, then click the "READ MORE" button to go to the music section.

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Last news...

December 2017: New album details!

These are some details about the upcoming album:

It'll be called «Lost In Blue», title connected with the music and -as it's usual- with actual feelings and experiences of my private life.

5 tracks. Around 40 minutes.

This is the tracklist:

1. Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 (new track, released a few months ago in a various artists compilation).

2. Study: A Living Sequence

3. Improvisation 2016.02.06: Analog Vibes

4. Study: Freezing The Life (which I recorded around 3 weeks ago).

5. March Of The New Titans (new track too).

The tracks #2 and #3 have been taken from sessions for «Navigator» and they have been previously shared in this website.

The music is mainly experimental, but there is place for the melodies (only tracks #1 and #5 :-P).

Finally and like it was with «Navigator», the cover artwork has been created by the fantastic artist Lenore Ani.

Everything is finished and it'll be released on December 15 (Bandcamp).

Happy Xmas by the way!

José Travieso

Now playing - Klaus Schulze: Are You Sequenced? (the CD of remixes; I prefer it to the original KS recording!)

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November, 2017: aCtIviTy / InAcTiVitY

Well, first of all: Hello again!

No, I didn't die :-) ...

Last time I wrote here or on Facebook was February. Then I spoke about sharing a new track and about the future projects that I had in mind. All this coincided with me changing to a new house and getting -after a long time!- a good dedicated room to make my own private studio recording. In March I had little free time, but, anyway, I spent a few of days recording an additional track for a various artists compilation. But after that, I began to feel not very motivated to create music and I started to be involved with not musical projects. So, the weeks and months were passing. In summer I had enough time to do something concerning my own music and I tried to make a new metal project, maybe a new Cautiva track/EP or something like that, but after two weeks working in production, practicing and so on, I decided to stop. Again, lack of motivation... Just I wasn't finding the right emotional state and motivation to work properly in my music, projects and so on. I suppose that time passes and I change with it.

Actually I continue more related to other aspects of my private life than my own music, but a few weeks ago I had the idea of releasing, before of finishing the year, an album compiling all the music -electronic- that I had recorded during the last year and a half and hadn't been released in any of my ordinary works. I don't forget that my original idea for 2017 was to work mainly in two electronic projects -two different EPs, as I wrote in February-, but as long as I lost the interest I thought it would be a good idea to reunite the stuff partially created for both projects with some additional music and finish something like a... minor album? I liked this idea, especially because gives me the opportunity to close an episode in my musical life and to begin something new and fresh. I would like to record some new music in 2018, I feel motivated with some ideas, but they are not related to my original projects of recording electronic music for two EPs as I planned in the beginning of this year. So, I want to close what I did releasing this album and feel myself free to begin something new :-)

I had an idea of how flowing properly the music of this new "improvised" album, but for that I needed to record an extra track which I had in conceptual stage since a year ago -the «Navigator» times- for my ambient EP. With this track I thought I would have a right structure for the album. I made this project (an ambient study) two weeks ago, during just a weekend, and I put together all the pieces. The puzzle was solved. I liked the result.

So, I want to start some activity with my music since today. First, we'll have this new and short album in December (I'm actually working in the cover artwork). Second, I have spent a lot of time working -from time to time- in the construction of my studio and I hope to finish with everything at the end of this year. Third, I want to update «Works», my studio inventory and part of my software. And fourth, finally, since 1st of January, I want to begin to work in a new musical project. They are my objectives :-P

In a next post I'll write some details about the upcoming album.

Thanks one more time for all your support,

José Travieso

Now playing – Glenn Branca: Symphony No. 3

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Feb. 2017: Moving to definitive studio and future projects


Finally the provisional studio emplacement that I set up in April/May of the last year has lasted much less that I thought, and this is good. Like April, I’m actually moving again to a new house, but in this case it offers a very good, big and comfortable room in which I hope to install my definitive studio recording. The room is really great and it'll be dedicated exclusively to my studio. I’ve been looking for this opportunity during years and I have finally had the occasion, so I made it! I suppose that in March I’ll upload some pictures or video. Meanwhile, I’ll be very busy and I’ll not have time for my music for, at least, three or four weeks. :-( It’s a pity, but it’s really worth it the change! :-)


Last month I finished a track facing one of the projects that I have in mind for 2017. I’ll share it soon!

Just now I want to share my actual “statements” for 2017 and beyond. It's good for me to write this here because later help me to put order, take decisions and so on... In summary, this is what I have in mind for the future:

-As always, I have a lot of ideas about different projects and genres rounding my head, but I want to continue concentrating on electronic music. As I said at the end of 2015: “I want to concentrate in the vintage electronic music I love: Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Robert Rich, etc. I don’t rule out any latest thing, but I want to focus on the styles, methods and sounds that I like and admire”. Electronic music is not as perfect for me as I thought in a beginning (for example, I don’t enjoy some aspects when I’m recording), but I continue with the same perspective than 2015. I think this is good. Stability I mean.

-I continue watching all this as a whole thing of learning and creation in which recording music is just a part. Improvising, experiencing, enjoying, reading, studying, learning, experimenting… Recording will continue being a part of the whole. Like before, I continue with the same conception that I said in 2015: “In this new period the approach is not doing new music, but enjoying of everything electronic music can offers to me from a creative perspective”. From this conception recording is a thing from time to time, so it’s not possible to record much. There are a lot of things to do. Anyway, I’ll try to maintain a rhythm, as it has been during the last year.

-In this year and concerning recordings, I want to concentrate in two main projects. If everything goes properly, each project will be an EP. First one is more electronic melodic music, connected with my last album, «Navigator», but more modern sound oriented. The track that I finished last month and that I’ll share soon is for this project. The second project is ambient music.

-Sometimes I think about Cautiva, so maybe one day I revive it a bit! A year ago Cautiva was a forgotten thing, but actually, from time to time, I think it would be nice to record some new song. Now not, but maybe in 2018… Just I wanted to share that the door to Cautiva is not completely closed, maybe around 90% :-/

-Long-term possible projects: Sometimes I’m thinking about to make an album connected to the old Mike Oldfield style («Hergest Ridge», «Tubular Bells», «Ommadawn» and so on). It would be a whole new thing for me, and I like this. It would be a lot of work and I would have to buy new instruments, but I like the idea. Now a phantasy, but time will tell.

-More long-term possible projects: I’m thinking with a friend about to record together something in the old progressive rock style of Goblin, maybe with an eighties sound, many guitars, a bit of experimentations… Maybe we do nothing, but this possible project is now in “conceptual stage” and it can begin to walk…

-Improvisation. This was my pending subject in 2016. I made something, but much less I had wanted. So, I’ll try in 2017 to focus more in improvisating electronic music.

These are my statements for 2017 and beyond. Let’s watch what will happen finally…


José Travieso

Now playing - Megadeth: Peace Sells… (30 years listening to it and amaaaazzziiingggg)

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Welcome to JOSÉ TRAVIESO's official website!

This website is dedicated to all the music that I've written and recorded, including the CAUTIVA project.

Here you will find an archive of news about my diverse musical projects (though I recommend you to be connected through Facebook), a comprehensive compilation about all my works and a way to listen, download and purchase the most of my recordings.

I hope you find interesting this place and you enjoy it...

Thanks for listening and supporting my music!

José Travieso

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«Works» is regularly updated from time to time and you can download it from these links:

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The first part collects information about all the compositions, including the unreleased ones, being the most exhaustive and interesting part of all the content. The second part gives information about all the ordinary releases (LPs, EPs, Singles, Compilations, etc.).

If you are interested in knowing more about any release or piece, «Works» is a great source of information!