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José Travieso - Improvisation In An Old Style (August, 2013)

Improvisation In An Old Style

Date: August, 2013 ―|― Length: 2:22
Improvisation for electric piano recorded on 18th of August of 2013.
Cautiva - OBEY!! (unfinished and left song demo) (August, 2012)

OBEY!! (unfinished and left song demo)

Date: August, 2012 ―|― Length: 0:36
Excerpt of an unfinished song demo from the left recordings for Cautiva in summer of 2012.
Cautiva - Into The Pit (Ozone Remaster 2012) (Testament cover) (May, 2012)

Into The Pit (Ozone Remaster 2012) (Testament cover)

Date: May, 2012 ―|― Length: 3:47
New master made for the Testament cover. Not a serious mastering work at all, just a test of sound with new tools.
  • Cautiva's «The Archangel Of Omega»

    | Format: EP | First Release: July, 2015 |

    | 4 tracks | Length: 23:50 |

    Third release and farewell of the technical and progressive thrash metal project. The essence of CAUTIVA taken a bit more to the extreme. Not for all the ears!

    Read More
  • Eclecticism - A 2008-2013 Retrospective

    | Format: 2 CDs-Box | First Release: Feb., 2014 |

    | 25 tracks | Length: 126:50 |

    A 2 CD-Box compilation from the 2008-2013 period along more than 2 hours of music and 25 tracks, including 3 previously unreleased pieces on any ordinary release.
    Read More
  • The Illusionist

    | Format: LP  |  First Release: September, 2011 |

    | 12 tracks  |  Length: 62:05 |

    Album recording a historical concert in José Travieso's career offered on the 28th of August of 2011 in the Red Room Auditorium, New York City, as part of the Annual Congress of New Composers and Modern Artists. Along one hour José Travieso returns to the piano, revising old and new pieces, playing new compositions especially created for the event and...
    Read More
  • Don't Kill The Vinyl

    | Format: EP | First Release: May, 2011 |

    | 7 tracks | Length: 35:19 |

    Short album trying to reconcile the old with the new, making a tribute to the vinyl records and where the sample procedures take an important role. Varied and risky, José Travieso working from a different point of view. Synthesizers, samples, electronic, hip-hop, experimental music...
    Read More
  • La Boîte

    | Format: Single | First Release: February, 2011 |

    | 5 tracks | Length: 6:21 |

    Five short pieces recorded especially as original soundtrack for the homonymous animated short film created by Marie Bouchet. A return to the childhood and its nightmares...

    Read More
  • No More Faith

    | Format: LP | First Release: April, 2010 |

    | 11 tracks | Length: 45:42 |

    Album mixing neo-classicism, post-minimalism and avant-garde through a collection of pieces for different chamber ensembles and an interesting variety of instruments, including string quartets, flute, harp or even experimental instruments like musical glasses, bass waterphones or giant tam-tams... It includes the string quartet «Tunguska».
    Read More
  • Cautiva's «Human»

    | Format: LP | First Release: June, 2009 |

    | 10 tracks | Length: 43:10 |

    Acclaimed second release of the technical and progressive thrash metal project in which José Travieso performs all the instruments and vocals. Aggressive, strong and sophisticated. Not for all the ears! :-)

    Read More
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Last news...

July, 2015: New recordings for CAUTIVA and farewell of the project

In this month «The Archangel Of Omega» is being released, an EP which includes the two songs that I've finished in the last months for the CAUTIVA project. The first song, «A Story Of Life, Love And Death», was released here previously in October of 2014 in a primitive mix. Now the track is completely finished in a much clearer mix. «Freaks!» is the name of the second song, a very complex piece in which I've been working from time to time, and patiently, during the last months and makes a critique of the current use of mobile phones by the society (don't get angry, it's just art). The EP includes these pieces in two different versions: original version (with vocals) and instrumental version (without vocals and slightly different). I've made this because both songs are instrumentally very complex and rich and I believe it's a good idea to have instrumental versions to enjoy them from a different perspective.

The artwork has been made by Georgi Georgiev (mainly) and myself. I hope you like it:

I think this recording captures all the essence of Cautiva: technical and progressive thrash metal, complex structures, constant changes, screaming vocals, wrath but a lot of care in the musical speech, etc. If you liked Cautiva's «Human» from 2009, I think you will enjoy this one too.

And yes... It's the end of the project.

Of all my projects, Cautiva has probably been my favorite. Recording «Human» was a fabulous experience which I tried to repeat with each new album but I never reached again. The reason is that each recording gives you a different feeling, and with that album a lot of wonderful things mixed together and created a perfect salad: the first time with all it, the inspiration, the freshness, the lack of awareness... Today I find evident mistakes of production and mix in «Human», but anyway it's great, the feeling that transmits me is awesome... But as I said, each recording gives you a different feeling, in other words: each recording is a part of what you were then; and you can not repeat what you were in the past because you are actually a different person...

...And this is the reason because today I'm saying a bye-bye to Cautiva. I'm a different person and my musical interests are going to a completely diferent direction than Cautiva gives me. When I decided to begin to work again in my music the past year I wanted to take again Cautiva and to record some songs more before to begin other new projects. Then I had clearly this was going to be a kind of farewell. During the last months I've been watching more and more the reasons why I must finish. First of all, my mind asks me to make other kind of music, more electronic based and spontaneous. Second, the long time this project needs to finish a well-recorded song. On the other hand, everything that could go wrong with the recordings went wrong: problems with hardware and software, hard-disc crashes, my job as teacher in the last years has damaged by throat to sign in the Cautiva style... An awful recording experience during the last months. So, Cautiva is definitely over :-)

Is this farewell really definitive??? No, it's not. I can actually say that I've finished with Cautiva and I'm not going to record anything else for the project, but things change in the future and I don't know what will happen in my head in a few years.

Ok. If you are a Cautiva fan, listen to the EP and tell what you think :-)

All the best,

José Travieso

Now playing - Vangelis: Blade Runner soundtrack

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December, 2014: Whole digital distribution and a bit more

Though I've not made much over here after finishing at the end of October a new song for Cautiva («A Story Of Life, Love And Death»), I've wanted now to add this post to tell you that, since this month, all my albums (long and short ones, including singles) are being distributed by iTunes, Google Store, Spotify and rest of the most important digital music platforms. These recordings will continue being distributed for free through this website or Jamendo for example, but just now you have more ways and facilities to access to my music... To date the only recordings being digitally distributed in these platforms were «De Luces y de Sombras» (LP, 2003), «A Retrospective - The Early Years: 1994-2003» (3 CDs-Box compilation, 2009) and the neo-classical album «No More Faith» (LP, 2010).

On the other hand, last week I was doing some minor changes in this website, including an update on «Works».

What about the most important, the music, my job takes my energy and time and doesn't let me enough to think about creative stuff. And the cold doesn't help, frankly speaking! :-) It's a pity, but well, I hope afer a few of months I'll have a more creative interest. Right now I play my piano from time to time, I do some mixes for friends... but not much more, nothing serious.

A few weeks ago I began a collaboration with other artist, Vonda7, modern electronic music, good artist, but we didn't fit each other in some terms and we left.

What about Cautiva, this is my priority now and I recently began to write some lines. Along this week I'll begin to compose and record more seriously the second new track. I have some ideas and I hope to do something interesting. I was very satisfied with the other track and I'll try to do again my best if I can. My job (teacher and direction secretary) tires me, as I told before, and Cautiva is a very demanding project. This is a very bad mix, so I know I'll go veeeeery slow, but well... Better than nothing, isn't it?! And anyway I'll have some free days now, so it's a good time to begin this work!

In two weeks I'll share some excerpt of what finally I'm creating.

All the best and Meeeerry Christmas,

José Travieso

Now playing - My wife saying "let's go to give the dogs a walk!" OK then

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Welcome to JOSÉ TRAVIESO's official website!

This website is dedicated to all the music that I've written and recorded, especially during the periods 1994-2003 and 2007-2012 aprox. (including the CAUTIVA project).

Here you will find an archive of news about my diverse musical projects (though I recommend to you to be connected through Facebook), a comprehensive compilation about all my works and a way to listen and download for free the most of my recordings.

I hope you find interesting this place and you enjoy it...

Thanks for listening and supporting my music!

José Travieso

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«Works» is a text which collects comprehensive information about all José Travieso's releases and compositions, including lengths, when it was composed or recorded a track, connections with other pieces, anecdotes, histories behind the music and much more stuff.

«Works» is regularly updated from time to time and you can download it from these links:

-WORKS, Part 1: about pieces.

-WORKS, Part 2: about releases.

The first part collects information about all the compositions, including the unreleased ones, being the most exhaustive and interesting part of all the content. The second part gives information about all the ordinary releases (LPs, EPs, Singles, Compilations, etc.).

If you are interested in knowing more about any release or piece, «Works» is a great source of information!